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    High Frequency Track Welder

    Movable High Frequency Welding Machine



    Mainly used for welding awning, tent, car shed, stretch membrane film, space membrane, construction membrane structure, water bladder, pools, water bed, inflatable toys, hot air balloon, solf digester, bridges water bags, military water bag, PVC shutter doors, car tarpaulins, canvas, movie curtain, outdoor fabric film, outdoor awning, advertising printing cloth,etc. The welding effect is perfect, high strength, and the material surface is smooth & beautiful.

    Main Features:

    1. Track Welder is Mainly Used for Large Area Materials’ Linear Welding. For example: air film gymnasium, coal shed, large tent, military tent, inflatable tent, etc.

    2. Continuous Working, High Welding Efficiency: The power of this equipment is 25KW/35KW usually, the bar can reach 1.2m/time so as to continuous automatic working.

    3. The Track Length is Customized According to Customer's Requirements: At present, we had manufactured several 120 meters’track ,which is the world's longest and largest high frequency track welder. The same track can be installed two heads which can be used at the same time. The track length is 3m/section generally, it can be customized.

    4. Precise Welding: The equipment is driven by the servo motor, the speed is adjustable, braking has no jitter, to ensure the straight line’s welding without any offset.

    5. The Worktable is Long and Smooth and Seamless, the Storage Space is Large and Beautiful;

    6. Equipped with Intelligent PLC Control System: User name login right’s protection, parameters memorize automatically and the data can be used repeatedly, thermostat controller system, quick change mould, simple and quick operation, ensure that new staff adapts quickly to improve production efficiency and ensure the quality .

    7. Multiple Protection, Safe Working Environment: Equipped with a high-sensitive spark protection system and overcurrent protection device, to protect the mold and materials to the maximum extent, under the situation of parking or overflow; Setting up multiple barrier protection, strict control high frequency magnetic field, working environment is more secure.

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    Main Technical Parameters:







    Pressure Mode


    Air Pressure

    0.6MPa ?Adjustable

    Oscillating Frequency


    Throat Depth


    Welding Bar


    Length?of Track


    Control Method

    Intelligent / Mechanical?

    Weight ??



    The length?of track can be customized according to customers’?requirement.